Coach Rollins welcomed my son to the team with an open-mind, open-heart and offered my son the opportunity to become a part of something far more valuable than a football team with a lot of W's.  My son became a part of the "Patriot Family". Coach Rollins was there to push him, encourage him and put him back on the right track when he faltered. It gives me great pleasure at home to say, "If you don't complete your assignment or chores, I'm telling Coach Diesel." Your name has great level of respect in our household and for that, I thank you for all you do on and off the field.
                             ~The Espilco Family~
My son Elliot wanted to try out for football one year ago not knowing anything about the sport just video games!  So we signed him up & it all began.  What we gave Coach Diesel to start out with was a shy & quiet kid.  He signed up for his first Owning the Trenches Camp last year & did a 360 change!  He was learning about football & self-discipline.  I had a son that was so impacted that he changed in school, better grades & doing homework.  He has a positive outlook & a don’t quit attitude from being coached by Diesel.   We are looking forward to this years Owning the Trenches Camp!
                               ~The Maier Family~

David L.Rollins

David "Diesel" Rollins is a native Floridian born and raised in the Orlando area. He is the youngest of five children. Coach Diesel fell in love with the game of football at the early age of 10. He contributes his success to the positive influences he was exposed to through the sport and the spiritual guidance of his mother and father. In addition to football, Diesel participated in track & field, weightlifting and wrestling at Lake Brantley High school. His participation in state level athletics afforded him the opportunity to attend Jacksonville University on a football scholarship. After college, Diesel moved back to Altamonte to be a part of Lake Brantley High School's elite football and weightlifting program. He has been recognized as Seminole County Public School's employee month in 2014-2015. Currently, Coach Diesel serves as the freshman defensive coordinator, Varsity defensive lineman/strength coach, varsity boys/girls weightlifting coach and youth football coach in Altamonte Springs. He currently uses this outlet to mentor and develop future athletes and positive members of society. David "Diesel" Rollins is making his vision a reality through his newly founded corporation "Owning the Trenches".
It's unbelievable how amazing Coach Diesel is with every age. Our 8 year old son, Hayden, had never played football before. Coach Diesel encouraged him, built his confidence and taught him so much. Coach can go from working with a group of high schoolers to a group of 3rd graders and adjusts his technique and style to best suit the needs of the kids surrounding him. The kids respect him deeply and it shows both off and on the field. Your kids couldn't be in better hands with Coach Diesel. He holds a special place in our hearts and always will. We have invested a great deal of time and money in several other training facilities and camps with our older son. Coach Diesel's skill sets and expertisematches or surpasses any camp or training facility we have been to.
                                    ~The Kaplan Family~